30-Sep-2022 EPO Construction Finish (Completed 30-Sep-2022)
02-May-2023 TMA Handoff to Rubin
22-Sep-2023 COMP: Camera Pre-Ship Review at SLAC
22-Apr-2024 Camera Ready for Full System AI&T
26-Apr-2024 Dome Complete
07-May-2024 3-Mirror Optical System Ready for Testing
15-Jul-2024 LSSTCam Ready for On Sky (First Photon)
23-Oct-2024 System First Light with LSSTCam
18-Feb-2025 Test report: Final Pipelines Delivery
18-Feb-2025 COMP: Science Validation Surveys Complete
25-Feb-2025 Operation Readiness Review Complete

Using April 2023 project controls data.