DueName Previously
02-Feb-2024 M1M3 Lift Test**Completed**
08-Feb-2024 TMA Final Testing Begins**Completed**
16-Feb-2024 M1M3 Glass Lift Prep**Completed**
19-Feb-2024 Pathfinder Testing starts**Completed**
20-Mar-2024 M1M3 Glass Installed**Completed**
25-Apr-2024 TMA Final Testing Complete**Completed**
29-Apr-2024 M1M3 Coating Begins**Completed**
29-Apr-2024 LSSTCam Arrival Allowed**Completed**
10-May-2024 ComCam Removed from TMA29-May-2024
10-May-2024 LSSTCam Pack and Transport29-May-2024
15-May-2024 LSSTCam Received @ Summit15-May-2024
22-May-2024 M2 Cell Removed from TMA07-May-2024
12-Jun-2024 M2 Glass Installed19-Jun-2024
26-Jun-2024 M2 Glass on TMA03-Jul-2024
05-Jul-2024 ComCam Installed on TMA12-Jul-2024
19-Jul-2024 LSSTCam Reverification Start19-Jul-2024
31-Jul-2024 M1M3 Glass on TMA26-Jul-2024
01-Aug-2024 ComCam First Photon29-Jul-2024
25-Sep-2024 ComCam off Sky20-Sep-2024
25-Sep-2024 LSSTCam Reverification End25-Sep-2024
02-Oct-2024 ComCam off TMA27-Sep-2024
16-Oct-2024 LSSTCam on Top End Assembly11-Oct-2024
30-Oct-2024 LSSTCam L3 Checkout Done25-Oct-2024
14-Nov-2024 LSSTCam on TMA11-Nov-2024
21-Nov-2024 TMA Aligned18-Nov-2024
08-Jan-2025 Rubin First Photon03-Jan-2025
27-Jan-2025 TMA Pointing Models Complete22-Jan-2025
21-Feb-2025 TMA AOS Ready18-Feb-2025
31-Mar-2025 Rubin First Light26-Mar-2025
23-May-2025 Rubin SV1 Start20-May-2025
23-May-2025 Rubin SV2 Start20-May-2025
19-Jun-2025 Rubin Eng Prep for OPS Start16-Jun-2025
26-Jun-2025 Rubin Operations Readiness Review23-Jun-2025

Using April 2024 project controls data. This compares to March 2024.